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When did you last check your spam folder?

When did you last check your spam folder?

I've been getting numerous emails recently such as 'why aren't I receiving my comment notification emails', 'I haven't received the emails for my login details' and 'why haven't you responded to my email.' Unfortunately, Gmail users are being caught out by legitimate emails being sent to spam and since by default Gmail now hides the spam folder they aren't realizing.

Here's some advice:

1.Change your Gmail spam folder to show
2.Regularly check your spam folder for legitimate emails and unspam any legitimate emails

How to change your Gmail spam folder setting

By default the spam folder is now located underneath the More drop down menu.


To always have your spam folder display you can either:

1.Drag your spam label out of the More area and into your main menu


2. Or go to Settings > Labels and click on Show next to Spam



Posted on August 13, 2014, 05:58 pm



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