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There are many different reasons for a mini-jobs. Whether as a perquisite for a housewife, as a second job or the execution of several mini-jobs at once - the circle of people exerts a mini-job, is extensive. For example In our present time there are in Germany more than seven million workers with a mini job. When viewed with the help of detailed figures, the ratio of all employees rose slightly (both with mini-job as a second job, exclusive mini-jobs and short-term mini-jobs) by 2003, with 6.5 million employees to 7.8 million in 2012. Households are in addition 250,000 employees registered with a mini job. In addition, however, believed that more people are employed with mini-jobs illegally in private households. Statistically, has since 2003, the number of social insurance of workers who have taken a side job in addition to their core business, is constantly increasing. In contrast, the number of mini-jobbers, which engage in any other employment, remained fairly equal. Was observed also that the marginal employment relationships are less responsive to current events in the economy. Contrary to the involution in socially insured occupations which have cyclical recorded declines in recent years, have mini-jobs to significantly fewer changes. Women are employed with more than sixty percent of most frequently in a slightly paid employment (men are represented by 35 percent). The number of people of retirement age from 65 years, which receive a mini job has increased in recent years. Another group of persons which receives a mini-job, are registered as unemployed at an employment agency people. Every tenth of only marginal employment among this population group. Learn more statistical key figures under "Statistics".

The reasons for the inclusion of a mini-jobs are varied. The most common is called: fun at work, and the ability to supplement the household income, maintain contact with the working world and get to know other people in contact or to stay, its time to make good use, educate yourself or hope to get into a desired career field.

Slight mini-jobs are mainly offered in retail, as a plaster activities, typing or in the gastronomic field. Other opportunities exist in child care or in Babysitting in care activities for needy people and activities in the medical field, programming work and Internet support and in the discharge of mail, newspapers and magazines and also for courier services.

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We want people from all over the world have a way of making a great income online and for businesses to be able to find customers who are willing to engage and integrate with products and services.

TheMiniJob allows power users to gain a large workforce in seconds, or work for one, this workforce can be used to complete simple tasks online which benefit the employer and freelancers! Users are also given the opportunity to offer their skills and expertise to make!

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